Why is cryptocurrency becoming popular?

Digital currency or crypto currency is it is popular known has gained a lot of fans over the past few years with numerous investors joining the scene. This form of currency is superior in more ways than one when compared to the traditional transaction options like credit cards and use of fiat currency. A few institutions that feel threatened like banking institutions might not be up for it claiming it supports criminal activities however these here are the real reasons why a lot of people are making a switch to buy cryptocurrency Singapore today.

Straight forward transactions

The problem with bank transactions and credit card payments is that your purchases and movements can be traced. This takes way all the privacy from a shopper and that is never ideal especially if you are using your hard earned money. It is hard to trace any transactions made with bitcoins because it is based on peer to peer transactions and the details are stored in a blockchain which will not be of any benefit to you if you do not know the wallet ID of the people you are checking out.

No transaction fees

If you assess the account statements for your credit company or banking account, you will notice different fees charged on your deposit and transactions. In truth banking institutions end up charging a lot for transactions while use of cryptocurrency allows you to transact without having to worry about the sender and the recipient fee.