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One of the biggest threats to a blockchain is something called a 51% attack. If an individual or group manages to control 51% or more of the validation or mining hashrate it gives them the ability to confirm invalid transactions

To make payroll go as smoothly as possible, your business should automate the process. In addition to automation, you should also understand the requirements of other departments, such as accounting. Without this information, the payroll process will be impossible to

ULIP is a mix of insurance and investment. It is an ideal choice if you wish to create wealth without risking too much on market volatility. COVID has brought life insurance penetration in India from 2.62% in 2014 to 3.2%

With the evolving digital world, entrepreneurs and businesses are getting an opportunity to unfold various new-age, inventive revenue prospects. Among various innovative business models, NFTs are one of the most important blockchain technology applications. NFTs are potential enough to capture

ULIPs are popularly known amongst investors as a way to produce wealth for the future. But what if you could increase your investment returns to earn better? The top-up facility enables you to do so with a hassle-free process. Here’s