Which Insurance Is Best for Cats?

Cat owners may want to protect their beloved felines with insurance but the different plans and prices might have them confused. It can be a bit daunting to choose an insurance plan for a furry friend so this guide is meant to make things easier. Protecting a pet is always a good idea. Just the same as humans, pets can’t determine when they will get hurt or how many times per year they will need medical treatment. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Below is some information that will outline the different options for cat moms and dads.

Accidental Injury

As with people, cats can’t predict an injury. While they are extremely agile creatures, accidents do happen. This is when it comes in handy to have insurance. Accidental injury plans can cover up to 80% of the vet bill so owners aren’t overwhelmed by medical costs. When pet accidents happen, there are several factors that come into play. The cat might need to go to a kennel or boarding home or there could be emergency hospitalisation. This type of plan often covers unexpected sickness as well. Cats can fall ill to many different diseases including cancer, feline immunodeficiency virus, and feline leukemia. Of course, certain breeds will have a more likely prevalence than others for different illnesses. Again, it provides a lot of peace of mind to have coverage.

Comprehensive Protection

Another type of cat insurance plan includes more comprehensive coverage. This includes emergency boarding and hospital stays but other useful benefits as well. For instance, yearly vet costs can seriously add up, especially if someone has an older cat. Not only can owners feel better about bringing Fluffy in for a routine checkup but they are less likely to freak out when she needs an emergency visit. This comprehensive protection will foot much of the bill for routine exams and treatments as well as unexpected hospital visits. That way, Fluffy is all up to date on her shots, her exams, and her wellness appointments. Most pet owners would agree that a healthy cat is a happy cat.

Making the Choice

Finally, deciding to get insurance coverage for pets is never a simple task but it makes sense to get them protected. Parents would never leave their children without protection so why treat the cat the same way? They are part of the family and deserve to be taken care of too. Besides, there are plenty of different plan options that cat owners can mix and match in order to find the perfect fit for them. A combination of coverage sometimes works best for owners and their cats so that is another consideration to take into account.

Final Questions

People might want to know if they can use their own preferred vet and the answer is almost always yes. Many plans give pet owners the option to choose their veterinarian. This way, kitty can feel as comfortable as possible. Breeds prone to hereditary diseases can also find relief through coverage protection.