Steps to Take for Obtaining a Duplicate Bike Insurance Copy Online

All motor vehicles registered in the country have a mandatory requirement of having motor insurance. This motor insurance policy can either

r be a third-party cover or a comprehensive one.

Third-party insurance is a liability-only policy where any liabilities towards third party damages or injuries are covered under your bike insurance. On the other hand, the comprehensive policy provides a wholesome coverage, including any damages to the policyholder along with liability for third party damages.

To claim your bike insurance policy, you need to submit a certain set of documents, one of which is a copy of your insurance policy. The claim process begins after verifying these details. In case you notice at this time that you do not possess the physical copy of your policy, don’t worry. All you need to do is apply for a duplicate copy of your insurance policy.

Let us look at the steps to make an online as well as an offline application for a duplicate copy of your insurance policy.

Offline or Traditional process

1.     Inform your insurer

The first thing you must do is to inform your insurance company. You can intimate them either by calling on their toll-free number or sending a mail about the same. This is important so your insurer can initiate the process of issuance of a duplicate policy.

2.     First Information Report (FIR)

On becoming aware of misplacing your comprehensive or third party insurance for bike, you need to file an FIR. This process will help the authorities know that it is a genuine case of misplacement and not mere negligence. On receiving a copy of FIR, submit the same with a written application to the insurer.

3.     Written application to be filed with the insurer

Once you get a copy of the FIR, you need to attach the same with an application in writing stating the details of your policy like name of the policyholder, policy number, type of coverage, etc. This process will be used in cross-verification of the application with the original records available with the insurance company.

4.     Declaration in Indemnity bond

Lastly, one has to sign an indemnity bond which shall be notarized. An indemnity bond is required as any false representation made by the applicant shall be their sole responsibility.

Online Process

Unlike the traditional method, the online process is swift and simple. When you purchase bike insurance online, you can use the online mode to request a duplicate copy.

  • Head over to your insurance company’s website.
  • Login to your account.
  • Select the insurance policy for which you want a duplicate copy.
  • Enter the required policy details.
  • Verification shall be conducted to ensure it is the policyholder who is applying.
  • After verifying it successfully, the policy will now be available for download as well as printing.
  • The insurer will also send a soft copy to your registered e-mail address.

Make sure you use this facility in case of loss or theft of your policy document as riding without one is illegal. Do not wait till you get fined by the traffic officials to apply for a duplicate copy.

You can also make use of digital apps like mParivahan or DigiLocker to store your insurance policy safely along with your driving license and pollution certificate. To conclude, don’t forget to get your bike insurance renewal in advance, so you do not miss out on the benefits like NCB and the like.