Ways to Start an Investment with Little to No Money

For a lot of people, the word “investing” produces images of men in suit and tie, monitoring exchanges of millions of dollars on stock tickers. We are here to tell people that they do not need to be a big-shot broker or the Wolf of Wall Street to start a career in the investment industry. It is okay if they are more of a beginner in the investing world.

Even if you only have a couple of dollars to spend, your money will start to grow with compound interest. The key to building your empire is to develop good habits – like putting away a portion of your salary or income regularly. Drink home-made coffee instead of buying expensive barista-made Mochaccino.

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It can save investors at least $50 every month. Once they save enough cash to play with, they can now start investing in companies or products. In today’s world, people can get a ride, a date, or a hot box of pizza with the use of their debit or credit card or one swipe on the smartphone screen.

It is the same as investing. If you can automate all your bills – water, gas, electricity, or bank bills – why not also automate your investments? It is just as easy. Using a robot-advisor, people can make their money work while doing the things they regularly do.

And like Halloween costumes, investing comes in different sizes, shapes, and forms. It should not be an intimidating word. Whether it is opening a bank account, investing money for retirement, or engaging in the real estate business, investing for starters is more straightforward and a lot simpler than ever before. Sooner or later, you will see how growing your money can be very addictive. Listed below are some simple ways to engage in this type of business.

Try using the cookie jar approach and invest using as little money as possible

Saving cash and investing are closely connected. For people invest their cash, they need to save some first. It will take less time than you think, and people can do it using small steps. If you have never been a money saver, you can start by saving $10 of your salary or income every week.

It may not seem a lot, but after one year, you can save more or less $500. Try putting the money in an envelope, in a piggy bank, small safe, shoebox, or a cookie jar. It may sound silly, but it is usually a necessary step in saving money for your planned financial investments.

Make it a habit of living less than what you are earning, and stash the money you are saving in a safe place. There are a lot of investment firms that offer more or less 2% APY or Annual Percentage Yield on their savings account. They do not require a minimum deposit and no monthly maintenance fee (other fees in general) associated with their online savings account, that is why the yield is earned on all balances.

Some of these investment firms offer a high-yield CD’s, market, and checking accounts, so if people want to diversify their deposit portfolio, firms have a lot of what investors need. The digital equivalent of this cookie jar method is opening an online savings account. It is separate from people’s checking accounts.

They can withdraw the money in two business days if they need it, but it is not linked to the debit card. When the savings are substantial enough, people can take it out and move them into actual investment platforms.

Start small and increase the investment as you get comfortable with the process. It might be a matter of deciding to bring your cup of coffee instead of buying an expensive cup of Starbucks coffee, or now not watching your favorite movie in theaters and putting that cash in your piggy bank instead.

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Invest in real estate with as little money as possible

Investing in real estate is not only for rich people. There are a lot of options for real estate investment. Although it may seem like something investors would be nervous looking into its details – it actually can be an excellent and intriguing investment. If an investor is not a credited investor, they can buy real estate properties without spending a massive sum of cash that ends up being a deal-breaker if they want to start to invest in the real estate industry.