Virtual Business Answering Services: How Does it Work?

When a painful toothache awakens you at 3 in the morning, you want to talk to someone who knows any instant relief. When you have problems setting up your new personal computer, you want to call someone with knowledge on how to do it.

And when you need a marketing push and calls are pouring into your company or business, you need every last one of the callers to get the necessary information that they needed. But what if you are attending a momentous occasion like a wedding or a birthday party?

You do not want to attend to customer calls unless it is necessary or an emergency. In all of these situations, virtual receptionist services can be your best option to help you with your needs. With virtual answering or receptionist services, you can contact dentists, doctors or a computer technician 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call center solutions for electronic companies can give you the technical support that you needed. And you can ensure that the clients have the necessary information when you are not available, as well as can reach you when there is an emergency or something significant happening. With virtual receptionist services, you can even receive essential messages on your cellular or smartphones whenever you are.

A lot of businesses or industries rely on this kind of services

Medical professionals work office hours, and still, they need to be always ready and available when there is an emergency.

Contractors, plumbers and other jobs under field works need to be aware of the additional responsibilities and other changes in the schedule.

Sales representatives do not want to miss any sales leads, but at the same time, they do not want to be interrupted during important client meetings.

Solo or small business owners need professional communication workforce for their online or virtual offices.

Large or established companies need call center solutions to take customer’s product orders, explain how their products work or provide information about their products.

Service companies like insurance agencies need people to handle inquiries about their premium coverage and deadline limits.

Corporations that have experienced a severe power outage or snowstorm will need a quick way to manage their communications.

But what kind of services are available in the market, who provides these services and what are the possible issues?

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Kinds of answering services

The ideas behind these technologies are not new to the business world. An organization or individual hires specialized solutions to screen and take calls, provide the essential information to the clients who are calling and pass on important messages (possibly take orders, schedule appointments and offer necessary technical support).

But while phone answering services have been around for years, maybe decades, its equipment and capabilities to keep evolving as companies, brands and business in general demands technology advancement and change. Virtual receptionist services usually fit right into one of the following categories, although the service providers often offer assistance from different categories like:

Automated answering

Live answering

Call center

Internet or online answering

Automated answering services will allow the caller to leave important voice messages and get information that is based on the caller’s response to prompts. The callers might be asked to Press button number one if they want to know the company’s business hours, Press button number two to get the directions, press button number three for company contact numbers or press button number four to hear the listings or leave a message.

This technology works well with consumers who are looking for general details and cost a lot less than a live answering service. But the system lacks flexibility, as well as a personal touch that a live answering solution can provide. A live answering solution gives the caller the necessary opportunity to talk to a person who can meet their particular needs better than their automated counterpart.

The operator can also decide whether the call is an emergency call and send it through immediately. As a matter of fact, callers sometimes are not aware that they are being redirected to an answering solution. For solo business owners and telecommuters, a live receptionist solution can give companies and businesses a professional appearance.

Answering service providers

Whether you are trying to field work-related messages while you are on a business or vacation trip or you are developing a disaster readiness strategy for big companies, there is a big chance that you can find an answering service provider that can meet your needs. You will find that while there are companies that can provide different kinds of phone answering solutions, including Online answering solutions, other organizations specialize in certain kinds of answering solutions.

These types of companies only show a small portion of the answering solution provider available in the market. The Association of TeleServices International or the ATSI, a trade agency for TeleService providers, is the one responsible for releasing extensive lists through their connection’s magazine.

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The agency recommends that you need to check out the answering service provider very carefully before you sign the dotted line.  You can check out ATSI’s web page to see the list of member organizations. Make sure to also check the BBB or Better Business Bureau for any unresolved customer complaints against the organization or the agency. Choose the right company with an excellent business track record with low operator turnover. Try asking the names of contented customers so that you can contact and learn about their experiences with the agency.

This industry can be a perfect tool to make any business run smoother, but issues with technology always occur. There are times that the problem is with not choosing the right solutions for the job or the cost of the services exceeds with what you are expecting. The latest technology means that you need to take advantage of all the online tools and offering to receive customer messages. Still, it also means that you need to have enough disaster preparedness and backup plan to stay alive 24 hours a day, seven days a week.