Importance of FSSAI registration

The importance of FSSAI License can be understood by the statement below:

Any person desirous to commence or carry on any food business shall make an application for grant of a license to the Designated Officer in such manner containing such particulars and fees as may be specified by regulations.

The importance of FSSAI License is that any food business in India works according to The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 has to take the FSSAI License according to its turnover. The smooth working of such business is monitored by FSSAI, Food Safety and Standards Authority Of India. In order to incorporate any kind of food business, you need to incorporate it by obtaining food license. Food is a very delicate subject since it directly affects the health of the consumer. Hence, stricter rules and regulations are applied to ensure complete food safety. Before getting into the food business, you need to ensure that your food product is not harmful in any way. Verification is conducted at the time of registration. Food license is obtained hence, making the registration successful. One may ask about the need or importance of a food license. Food license is a must. Yes but why? The same is described below.

Firstly, you need to check whether you are eligible to obtain a food license or not. According to the Act, a food company with an annual turnover below Rupees twelve lakhs only needs an FSSAI registration. However, any company with a turnover of more than Rupees twelve lakhs needs an FSSAI food license. It is a must. The FSSAI registration can be done online also.

  • The major importance of FSSAI License is that it ensures that your food is verified chemically and hence is safe to consume. ‘Health before wealth’ is a common quote as well as fact. Therefore, anything related directly to health is a matter of great sensitivity. The Food business is vulnerable to many accusations of food adulteration and use of cheap, unsafe ingredients. Food license protects your food business from such accusations. Food license is a proof of the fact that your food is safe and is perfectly edible without any health consequences.
  • Next, it makes your company reliable. After obtaining a food license, you can make an official announcement of the same. You can also use the fact that you are certified by FSSAI while your marketing. This strategy helps you to gain more customers. They start trusting you. Not only customers, but you will also gain investors and partners. Food license thus, very efficiently increases your reliability.
  • Other than reliability and assurance that your food is safe to consume, food license assures the customer that your food is of high standards. At the time of food verification, a quality verification is also conducted. This quality test ensures the high standard of your food product which in turn assures your customers.
  • Food license is obtained only after verification. This verification is done at a chemical level and checks each and every ingredient you have used in the making of the food product. This way you are assured of the fact that manufacturing of your food is done in the correct way. The verification may lead to point out any flaw or possible improvements in your food product.

Here in this article, we have understood the importance of FSSAI registration, it will surely be useful for you to grow your business.

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