Can You Claim Bike Insurance With A Temporary Registration Number?

A temporary vehicle registration number is a numerical identifier issued by the motorcycle dealer to operate the two-wheeler legally.

As obtaining a permanent bike registration number takes considerable time, you must have a one-month valid temporary registration number. During this period, you must register your bike with the closest RTO and obtain the permanent registration number as soon as possible.

Can Bike Insurance Claims be Filed with a Temporary Registration Number?

Filing a bike insurance claim with a temporary registration number is straightforward. Even if you do not have a permanent bike number, your insurer will compensate you for all damages and losses incurred by your motorbike.*

A motorbike insurance policy is purchased based on the motorcycle’s chassis and engine numbers. In addition, you must contact your insurer to amend their records once you obtain the permanent registration number for your motorcycle. The insurer can reach you in one of the following two ways:

  1. They can contact you through feedback, service, greeting, or endorsement calls and update their records.
  2. You can request that your insurer alter your motorcycle’s registration number during bike insurance renewal. Remember to provide your permanent bike registration number when renewing your bike insurance policy.

Method for Filing a Motorbike Insurance Claim with a Temporary Registration Number

The claim procedure for a motorbike with a temporary registration number is comparable to that for a motorbike with a permanent registration number. However, the insurer will request the engine and chassis number to update their system and facilitate filing an insurance claim.*

Take these steps to file a claim for bike insurance online:

  • Inform Your Carrier

First, you will contact your insurer and provide details about the accident and damages to your insured motorbike. The insurer will request your temporary motorcycle registration number. Always be open and honest with your insurance provider when discussing the details of your accident.

  • Complete and Submit the Claim Form

Download the bike insurance claim form from your insurer’s website or mobile app. Fill out the form accurately and include the necessary attachments to submit it. If you are filing a claim offline, you can visit your insurer’s nearest branch office, where a designated agent will assist you in completing and submitting the form.*

  • Assessment & Evaluation

Next, your insurance company will appoint a dedicated surveyor to assess the damages to the insured motorbike. Based on this, the surveyor will create an assessment report, and the insurer will approve or reject the claim proposal.*

  • Receive Bike Repairs

Once the insurer approves your claim proposal request, you can submit your damaged bike for repair.

In the event of a cashless claim settlement, the bike insurance provider will transport the damaged bike to the closest authorised network garage for repair. Next, you may retrieve your bike from the garage without paying the repair bill, and save for the deductible, as the insurer will cover the costs.##

And that’s how you can claim bike insurance with a temporary registration. Keep this information handy for later.

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* Standard T&C Apply

## All savings are provided by the insurer per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply

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